Embark on a Journey of Community Connection with UR Concierge Services!

It all began with a simple conversation and a shared desire for a stronger sense of community. Jennifer Mulholland and her friends found themselves frustrated by the lack of connection in their condominium. As busy professionals, they yearned for convenient ways to engage with their neighbors and property managers. Thus, UR Concierge Services was born.

Driven by our founder's vision and fueled by passion, we set out to revolutionize resident engagement. Starting with a humble platform, we listened attentively to the needs of both managers and residents alike. Today, we proudly offer a comprehensive resident engagement platform that seamlessly integrates essential touch-points. From streamlined management/resident communications to a resident marketplace, booking services, and community event coordination, everything you need is conveniently hosted on our platform.

But we didn't stop there. In our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we've expanded our services to offer a multi-lingual platform. We believe that every resident deserves to feel connected, regardless of language barriers or accessibility needs.

At UR Concierge Services, our journey is far from over. We remain dedicated to bridging the gap between communities, management teams, and residents. With each passing day, we strive for continuous improvement, ensuring that our platform evolves alongside the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Ready to join us on this journey towards a more connected community? Contact us today to learn more about how UR Concierge Services can transform your residential experience.


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