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I can't find the verification email!

After you register, the site sends you a verification email. Please look in your JUNK or SPAM folder for it before giving up, or creating a second account.

It won't accept my postal/zip code/Zip!

The most critical part of your registration is the Postal Code/Zip Code. Do NOT include a space in your postal/zip code.

If the code is wrong, you will not be able to register, so make sure you have the correct postal/zip code for the building/group you live in. Note for Zip codes, check with your manager for the correct code.

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Zip Codes are different

The most critical part of your registration is the Postal/Zip Code.

Zip codes are not addressspecific, so US member will receive an alphanumeric code instead of a zip code, as this will identify YOUR specific site. Note, if you don't know your code, check with management or email us for help.