Sectors we service

The URCSI platform gives property owners, operators, and community associations the tools to tackle their comunication challenges and grow community while streamlining operations. Regardless of your role or your portfolio mix, our solutions increase morale, drive performance and leave residents delighted. From Notices and Alerts to resource management our multilingual and an accessible platform can seamlessly integrate into the systems you rely on.

Designed for every portfolio type – the URCSI platform supports your business needs and automates many of the manual tasks and clerical work that can bog down on-site associates. Our tools make it easier to communicate and engage with residents and tenants, ultimately improving their overall satisfaction with their community.


Features Built to Help You Manage Your Residential Properties

URCSI completely mobile optimized platform allows fast and effiecient connections between property managers and residents. Gain efficiencies through our online portal and leave staff with more time to focuus on key tasks and the delivery of excellent customer service.


Support your organization by inclusively engaging your residents while driving efficiencies and controlling costs. Our social platform maximizes efficiencies and supports diverse communities with full accessibility and multilingual support.

Senior Housing

URCSI's engagement platform promotes communications and helps to bind families and care communities together. Flexible access and translation options ensure that everyone can use the platform to stay informed and be part of the community.


THE URCSI platform can include features and integrations designed around the needs of commercial property managers and tenants. Lobby and elevator signage, interactive touch-screen directores and mapping options elevate your branding and help you deliver value-added services to tenants and visitors. Tenants stay connected, management works more efficiently and buildings delivery higher ROI.

Student Housing

We offer customized communications options, efficient resource management, and inclusive tools that build communities. The portal platform creates a safe and interacitve community for students. Discount tickets, goods and service providers and local events help familiarize students with their community.

Community Associations

Community Associations get it! We are more powerful together and our software offers your members a fully mobile, cloud-based solution that covers all of the essentials needed to manage their community. Ask us how we can partner with your association to increase value to your members while offering a discount program that improves your bottom line.


Contact us for a short demo and learn how we can help you to build stronger communities.