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Unlock the Power of Connected Communities with Our Innovative Solutions

At UR Concierge Services, we're more than just property managers – we're community builders. Our mission is simple yet transformative: to create Connected Communities where buildings thrive, residents flourish, and bottom lines soar.

With our exclusive Engagement program, we bring a touch of magic to your properties, turning them into places your residents genuinely love to call home. Gone are the days of disconnected buildings and stressed-out managers. With our platform, managers are empowered, residents are engaged, and your entire building operates at peak efficiency.

What sets us apart is our Resident Engagement platform, a comprehensive solution designed to meet all your property management needs while fostering strong community ties. Our ala carte approach allows you to tailor our services to fit your unique requirements. Whether it's seamless integration with your existing property management software or digital touch screen systems, we've got you covered.

Our online, modular solution isn't just efficient – it's scalable and customizable to suit communities of any size. By streamlining operations and enhancing customer service, we save you valuable time and resources while elevating the resident experience. Plus, by boosting NOI (Net Operating Income), we ensure your investment continues to grow.

Join us in revolutionizing property management and building Connected Communities that residents are proud to be a part of. Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and bring your vision to life.

Works on All Mobile Devices and Tablets!

No App Download needed. Our fully responsive platform is accessible from any device with a web browser. Residents and managers can access URCSI's platform anytime, anywhere.

Resident Alerts and Notices

Create and manage and distribute targeted announcements for all residents or specific groups in your building. Announcements can be accessed online and sent via email or text (SMS).

Service Requests

Residents can submit service or maintenance requests online, including photos uploads describing issues. Property managers can simply organize requests, delegate resources, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Residents can be updated via text or email. Completed work is easily archived for future reference and record-keeping.

Building Health Check - ask how this feature can save time and money for building owners and managers.

Amenity Bookings

Streamline the management of amenity bookings with a user-friendly online form. Email updates are sent automatically when a request is approved or updated. Residents can see a detailed list of amenities as well as a calendar view of their availability and any special requirements or payment details. Customized liability or health-related waivers can be added where required. Residents can choose to receive a text or email updates regarding their requests or bookings.

Management can also accept online deposits or payments for bookings by credit card, bank transfers, and more.

Visitor & Resident Parking and Bicycle Management

Management can assign and manage parking spaces for both vehicles and bicycles. Security and concierge personnel can easily oversee resident & visitor parking, track resources, and print parking pass if required.

Integrated Private Website

Every community receives its own domain creating a permanent online home that you and your residents will feel proud to be part of. Our scalable and customizable template means your website will accurately represent your building and brand professionally. The entire tenant and staff experience is driven by the information and resources found on your community's domain.

Pet Registry

Our user-friendly pet registry module allows management to match pet information with owners and unit numbers. We also include the ability to upload photos and track descriptive information on the pets in your community.

Bonjour! Hola! Zdravstvuyte! Nǐn hǎo! – We speak your language

URCSI is available in up to 120 languages. Allow your residents and staff to access content in their native language. This is just smart!

My Community

A moderated My Community section lets residents and tenants discover upcoming events outside of the building. URCSI constantly updates Community Events for virtual or live events, Community Resources, Local News, and Emergency services updates are links to service providers helping to keep everyone connected with what matters.

Exclusive Offers

Leverage the buying power of the community. Residents and tenants can access exclusive discount offers for theme parks, sporting events, entertainment, retail and more.

Resident Marketplace – a safe and secure place for your residents to connect with each other.

Residents can easily create posts to buy, sell, share or trade items or services. Photo or video uploading is easy and distinct sub-categories allow residents to efficiently search through postings. Content moderation options ensure that content and quality of posting meet community standards and the resident code of conduct before publishing.

Local Shopping

A detailed list of stores, restaurants, and service providers near your building. Included are the big guys, but most importantly the hidden gems that make a neighborhood special. Organized by category with administration and maintenance by URCSI.

24/7 Customer Service

Users receive 24/7 support with our live customer service feature. Coming soon, our online chat that is managed with an AI Bot. Service currently available in English, Spanish, and French.

Permissions, Custom Fields, and Categories

Every community does things their own way. Our flexible and customizable permissions system offers the ability to create hierarchies and manage user groups. Control who can access various features within your platform and easily make changes as you scale and grow.



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