Making Building Management easier!

UR Concierge Services is dedicated to improving tenant communications and management of your buildings, increasing satisfaction for both residents and staff.

Implementing our platform will help your buildings in tangible ways, such as: 

Happier Tenants
Increasing tenant satisfaction leads to sustainable tenancies.
Tenants care for their homes and their neighbors resulting in less damage and fewer social problems. 

Happier Staff
Creating efficiencies by freeing up staff time to tackle other issues. 
Staff satisfaction is improved by more meaningful engagement with tenants.

Our platform is accessible and translated in 20 languages. Our buildings see improved tenant communications and satisfaction resulting in less trash and damage. Work orders, amenity booking, parking management and text and email communications are part of the platform. And, every building website is customized to increase positive exposure to your brand.

Interested? Email us to set up a call and find out how we can make your buildings a place everyone wants to call home.