Community matters!

UR Concierge knows that if someone is part of a community they are healthier and happier. Our community web platform creates exclusive websites which are curated to your building, your residents and your community. These websites are designed to improve resident engagement with their neighbors, building management and the community around them.

URCSI is the best way for residents and management of stratas, condos and apartments to stay connected in up to 120 languages.

Residents use the platform to connect and be informed....whether it be finding those hidden local business gems, learning what is going on in and around their building, using the groups buying power to facilitate discount programs or to safely connect with neighbors using the bulletin board feature.

Management use the platform to communicate with residents in email or text, manage work orders, amenities and parking management and more. The platform improves relationships between building management and residents resulting in improved ROI and less stress for staff.

There are so many ways to connect, all you need to do now is click on register or log in below!